102 Haiku Journal

17 Syllables to Say It All



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Lisa Markuson, Daniel Zaltsman, Erick Szentmiklosy


This unique journal guides and encourages you to reflect on your day in the style of everyone’s favorite short-form poem – the haiku. It offers 102 creative prompts to help you think about different aspects of your life and capture them in 17 syllables. Conceived by the Haiku Guys & Gals, this journal also contains examples of their poems for inspiration. The prompts encourage you to write haiku on a range of subjects: a tribute to your hero, an ode to a childhood memory, a note on the weather, or an observation about your day. The journal also provides a brief history of the haiku, a basic explanation of how it is comprised, and some tips for getting into a haiku-writing frame of mind. Whether you skip around or proceed with the prompts in order, 102 Haiku Journal, encourages both creativity and self-reflection, all in a beautiful little package.

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Weight 301 g
Dimensions 10 x 15.4 cm
Publisher name ABRAMS
Publication date 15 November 2017
Number of pages 224
Format Hardback
Dimensions 10 x 15.4 cm
Weight 301 g


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The Haiku Guys & Gals are a multicultural and international company of poets who have mastered the art of writing haiku for western audiences. Bringing performance poetry to a new era, they are hired to bring typewriters to events, where they craft custom haiku for attendees upon request. They have worked with Google, Women's Wear Daily, Bloomberg, the Brooklyn Public Library, Barnes & Noble, and more.