3 Cats and a Dog: Self Portrait (Limited edition of 50 sets)


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Jim Dine


3 Cats and a Dog (Self-portrait) comprises three photobooks by Jim Dine-Birds (2001), Entrada Drive (2005) and Tools (2017)-with a signed self-portrait etching printed over a lithograph. Regardless of his subject, Dine’s photography is simultaneously a record of his immediate environment and a form of autobiography shaped by remembrance. The protagonists of Birds are the white owl, symbol of innocence, and its jester-like companion the black crow, who inhabited Dine’s Berlin studio in the winter of 1996. Entrada Drive transports us to the silvery abundance of Los Angeles flora: the great succulents, fans of grass and proud birds of paradise encountered by Dine and his wife Diana Michener on their walks around their garden and to the Pacific Ocean while staying at 234 Entrada Drive in early 2001. Finally, we return to Dine’s studio in photos of the tools with which he makes art-paintbrushes, drills, hammers, pliers, scissors, saws, clamps and more. Tools is both an unfiltered look into Dine’s working space and his ode to the beauty of the tools themselves, a love born in childhood when he explored his grandfather’s hardware store, admiring the grit, gleaming ceramic sinks, and color charts, in his words like “perfect, perfect jewel boxes.” Dine’s self-portrait rounds off this collection, his eyes fixing us, as his camera fixes its subject.

I keep going because, like the woman who swallowed the knives and nails, I can’t stop. Jim Dine

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Dimensions 35 x 37 cm
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Born in 1935 in Cincinnati, Ohio, Jim Dine completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Ohio University in 1957 and has since become one of the most profound and prolific contemporary artists. Dine's unparalleled career spans 60 years, and his work is held in numerous private and public collections. His books with Steidl include Pinocchio (2006), Hot Dream (52 Books) (2008), A Printmaker's Document (2013) and Paris Reconnaissance (2018).