42×12. The Cult of Fixed



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Carpet Bombing Culture


So Just who is the Fixie rider? It’s the buzz question that a lot of people want to know right now. If we’re to believe some, then the Fixie rider is a horribly spoilt late twenty something male of affluent background. He’s never been required to grow up and spends all of his pocket money on cool toys and fads in a never ending effort to be trendy. Cynics would say that the Fixie rider is a myth in the process of being invented by those people who want to sell stuff to rich kids; ie the brands. Through contemporary observation and the collaboration of those on the inside from Taiwan to New York, Brick Lane to Tokyo, 42×12 gives a unique insight into whats going on at ground level.

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Weight 1030 g
Dimensions 22.4 x 24 cm
Publisher name Carpet Bombing Culture
Publication date 1 October 2017
Number of pages 192
Format Hardback
Dimensions 22.4 x 24 cm
Weight 1030 g


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