A Home in Provence

Interiors • Gardens • Inspiration - Compact edition


From furniture and frames to traditional fabrics, from ceramics and glassware to garden furniture, this book describes how to create a quintessentially Provençal home.


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Provençal houses are true homes. Warm shades of ocher glow from the walls and roofs, weathered floors shine, and reflections glance off glazed ceramics and strike printed cotton tablecloths. This volume showcases the architectural diversity of Provençal houses and their interiors, gardens, and decorative art traditions. Images of gold-hued walls, iron balustrades, leafy terraces, and painted shutters inspire thoughts of balmy days in the sun. Aromatic lavender in terracotta pots and almond trees casting shade over cobbled courtyards evoke the magic of Provence-style living. The reader wanders up a stone staircase, past brightly painted walls and across tiled floors, through a variety of rooms ranging from a sun dappled kitchen to an ornate drawing room and shaded bedroom. From plain rustic benches and beds to delicate walnut armchairs and elaborate dressers, all the painted and polished accoutrements of a Provençal home are featured. From tableware to what lies beneath, to traditional flower-print fabrics and intricate quilted textiles, the decorative florishes of Provence provide boundless inspiration for the home.

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Weight 1108 g
Dimensions 19.7 x 23.9 cm
Publisher name Flammarion S.A.
Publication date 1 May 2014
Number of pages 216
Format Hardback
Contributors Text by Noëlle Duck, Photographs by Christian Sarramon
Dimensions 19.7 x 23.9 cm
Weight 1108 g


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