Achim Lippoth

Geschichten über das Kindsein / Storytelling


Not just cute: children in a world of their own


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The photographer Achim Lippoth (*1968 in Ilshofen) discovered his subject-childhood- while studying art. Geschichten über das Kindsein / Storytelling presents a comprehensive view of Lippoth’s practice. The sensitivity of his photographs make it possible to understand the world of children, and their naturalness is touching, taking viewers back to their own childhood experiences. With great respect for their emotions, their frankness, and their dreams, Lippoth shifts the focus to his young protagonists. Here, adults take on the roles of extras, at most. Lippoth’s visual vocabulary does not include staging his photographs, nevertheless, the children’s poses anticipate their eventual arrival into the world of adulthood. Far from reinforcing clichéd roles or being patronizing, Lippoth’s photographs, through their careful use of light and captivating closeups, tell stories of feeling carefree in childhood as well as the stories of the families and of belonging.Exhibition: 19.3.-11.6.2017, Erholungshaus Leverkusen

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