Africa Serena: 30 Years Later


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Clara Martinez Thedy, Marianne de Tolentiono


In 1987, Clara Martínez Thedy embarked on a journey to Africa which was destined to change the course of her life. She had set out to fulfil a dream cherished since childhood: to travel deep into the African plains to meet the Maasai tribe and discover the wildlife of this mysterious continent.

Three decades later, as an experienced photographer, Clara relived this dream, and Africa Serena: 30 Years Later was born. This captivating book features a hand-picked selection of images of the ancient civilisation of the Maasai, and also captures the innocence and vulnerability of innumerable wild animals, in an environment in which only the strongest survive in the constant struggle between life and death. It is also a call to protect our endangered species, raising awareness of the never-ending conflict between wildlife and the expansion of urban areas in the pursuit of progress.

The photographer’s sensitive eye proposes a balance of power between humans and animals in this lost paradise where time seems to have stood still, the Eden to which she gained access on her return journey to this magical land.

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Publisher name Scriptum Editions
Publication date 30 November 2018
Number of pages 192
Format Hardback
Contributors Introduction by Carlos Acero Ruiz
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