Alberto Giacometti

Le réel merveilleux


Catalogue of the most important retrospective of the work of the sculptor and painter Alberto Giacometti in recent years.


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This book references all the artist’s periods and media: sculpture (plaster, bronze), paintings, drawings, prints… It will allow a comprehensive view of Alberto Giacometti’s creation, from early works to the surrealist period, from the return to figuration to his work from models, and to the invention of the great post-war icons. Over 230 works are represented, including several masterpieces such as Spoon Woman (1927), The Invisible Object (1934-35), Woman with Chariot (1945), The Nose (1947), and Walking Man (1960).

Giacometti’s works are separated into in fourteen original sections revealing the themes favoured by the artist – the representation of the head, the face, the female body, etc. The book is punctuated by seven essays written by leading art historians who dwell on the detours and questions that mark Alberto Giacometti’s creative process, but also allow the reader to discover his relationship to loneliness, melancholy, and his hard work with his models: his wife Annette, his brother Diego, his close friends. This catalogue aims to introduce the reader to another Giacometti, the one who experiments with the limits of sculpture, and the formidable painter who also practices, alongside the portrait, the genres of landscape or still life.

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Publication date 28 December 2021
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Catherine Grenier, Director of the Fondation Giacometti and President of the Institut Giacometti Émilie Bouvard, Director of Collections of the Fondation Giacometti.

Émilie Bouvard is the Director of collections of Fondation Giacometti.

Texts by Émilie Bouvard, Serena Bucalo-Mussely, Hugo Daniel, Catherine Grenier, Guitemie Maldonado, Camille Paulhan, and Pierre Wat.