Almost Alive: Hyperrealistic sculpture in art



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From the 1960s and 1970s onwards, different sculptors became involved with a mode of realism based on the physically lifelike ap pearance of the human body. By deploying traditional techniques of modelling, casting and painting in order to recreate human figures they follow different approaches towards a contemporary form of figural realism.

The sculptures show how the way we see ou r bodies has been subject to constant change. The publication presents artworks of all important representatives of Hyperrealism. From the early pioneers like George Segal, Duane Hanson and John DeAndrea this comprehensive selection demonstrates how Hyperr ealistic sculptures continuously developed up to the current stars of the movement like Ron Mueck, Sam Jinks, Evan Penny, Tony Matelli and Patricia Piccinini.

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Weight 782 g
Dimensions 21.6 x 27.1 cm
Publisher name Hirmer Verlag GmbH
Publication date 28 May 2019
Number of pages 144
Format Hardback
Contributors Edited by Otto Letze and Nicole Fritz
Dimensions 21.6 x 27.1 cm
Weight 782 g


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