Aperture 237: Spirituality



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Michael Famighetti


In a time of hyperactive communication, unending consumerism, and political confusion, Wolfgang Tillmans guest-edits an issue of Aperture on the subject of spirituality and its connection to solidarity. “People are touched and moved by experiences of genuine solidarity,” Tillmans notes. “Solidarity describes a degree of selflessness, or experiences that remind people of values higher than the pure mate-rialistic culture we’re in.”

This issue, featuring contributions by leading artists, scientists, novelists,and philosophers, will look at different ways of considering humanity’s longing for spiritual connection-from the shared sense of purpose behind global mass protests, to the collective spirit of the dance floor, to how image-makers have strived to visualize the intangible and the inexplicable.

Key features include: a look at the role of spiritualism in the work of Minor White, Aperture‘s founding editor; esteemed physicist Peter Galison on the recent landmark image of a black hole; David Swindells’s chronicle of underground rave culture in London; Siddhartha Mitter on images of protests in Hong Kong, Cairo, and Standing Rock; a collaborative project by Olivia Laing and Mary Manning; Sean O’Toole on Santu Mofokeng and South Africa’s spiritual landscapes; plus portfolios by Susan Hiller, Mare Nero, Harit Srikhao, and more

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