AROTIN & SERGHEI: Infinite Screen

From Life Cells to monumental installations at Centre Pompidou


Let there be light! The artist duo’s unique light installations

This book is not yet published, but will be available from December 2024.

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Gerfried Stocker, Ivan Fedele, Karine Tissot, Marie Eve Lafontaine, Dr Sabine Haag, Ulf K├╝ster


The artists AROTIN & SERGHEI question the predominate language of our time: the constant visual observation of the infinite metamorphosis of “light cells”, the smallest components of digital imagery. Their most recent work, Infinite Screen, grapples with themes of endless space, the illusionary surface of images, and the genesis of light. This publication is a survey of the development of Infinite Screen over several cycles of intermedia drawings, pictures, installations, sculptures and compositions within constantly evolving parameters of scientific, mythological, philosophical, and architectural frameworks. The project ‘Infinite Screen’ was realized in several large-scale variations at Ars Electronica, the Venice Biennial, the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna and the Beyeler Foundation.

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