Ask a Native New Yorker

Hard-Earned Advice on Surviving and Thriving in the Big City



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Jake Dobkin


As a third-generation New Yorker who was born, bred, and educated there, Jake Dobkin was such a fan of his hometown that he startedGothamist, a popular and acclaimed website with a focus on news, events, and culture in the city, and “Ask a Native New Yorker” became one of its most popular columns. The book version features all original writing and aims to help newbies evolve into real New Yorkers with humor and a command of the facts. In 48 short essays and 11 sidebars, the book offers practical information about transportation, apartment hunting, and even cultivating relationships for anyone fresh to the Big Apple. Subjects include “Why is New York the greatest city in the world?,” “Where should I live?,” “Where do you find peace and quiet when you feel overwhelmed?,” and “Who do I have to give up my subway seat to?” Part philosophy, part anecdote collection, and part no-nonsense guide,Ask a Native New Yorkerwill become the default gift for transplants to New York, whether they’re here for internships, college, or starting a new job.

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Jake Dobkinwas raised in Brooklyn, attended Columbia University, and cofoundedGothamist, a website about New York City, of which he is also the publisher.