Bamboo Architecture & Design



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Chris van Uffelen


Bamboo, one of the fastest-growing plants on earth, is best known to many people as the food of giant pandas – more significant, however, is its long tradition as a con – struction material, especially in Asia and South America. Recently, it has also become increasingly popular among Western architects, designers, and engineers. Apart from a fantastic carbon-footprint, the material’s amazing tech – nical performance is responsible for this popularity. Because it is extremely light yet very hard at the same time it can compete with timber, concrete and steel. This volume presents contemporary projects that show the impressive versatility of its usage. It includes works that are entirely made of bamboo as well as projects that show how bamboo functions in combination with other con – struction materials.

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Publication date 1 October 2014
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Dimensions 21.8 x 29 cm
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