Banana Pants! (Miranda and Maude #2)



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Emma Wunsch


A princess and a revolutionary form an unexpected friendship in this charming, illustrated chapter-book series Princess Miranda and Not-a-Princess Maude are total opposites and totally best friends! Fed up with nonstop testing, Miranda and Maude’s teacher makes a surprise announcement: They are going to put on a school play! And, the class decides, it will be called Banana Pants! School is finally a joy, and the project inspires the girls to fight for more positive change. Maude decides to wage a campaign against Styrofoam lunch trays, but Miranda would rather focus on her own good cause: love! The girls can’t seem to see eye to eye, and in pursuing their good causes separately, they go way too far, resulting in the friendship’s first-ever fight.

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Weight 146 g
Dimensions 19.4 x 13.4 cm
Publisher name ABRAMS
Publication date 10 September 2019
Number of pages 160
Format Paperback / softback
Dimensions 19.4 x 13.4 cm
Weight 146 g


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Emma Wunsch is the author of the Miranda and Maude chapter book series and The Movie Version, a young adult novel. She lives in Lebanon, New Hampshire. Visit her online at Jessika von Innerebner is an artist who's worked with clients including Disney, Nickelodeon, Highlights for Children, and Fisher-Price. She lives in Kelowna, Canada. Visit her online at