Banksias: Second Edition



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Alex George, Kevin Collins, Kathy Collins


Banksias are Australia’s most iconic plants after Eucalypts – known for thousands of years to Australians and – through writing and art – to many more who have never visited this land.

This extensively revised edition includes the most recently discovered Banksia, vincentia, with descriptions and illustrations of all 79 known species with many new photographs and updated species descriptions. It provides the history of their discovery, evolution, how to find and grow them and how they have inspired artists and artisans. With some 400 beautiful colour illustrations it is the comprehensive, up-to-date guide to these unique and fascinating plants.

Tables list which Banksias to grow for particular purposes and the three authors have between them, studied and grown all 79 species of Banksia, their combined experience totalling over a hundred years.

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Publication date 20 January 2021
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Dimensions 16.1 x 33.6 cm
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Alex George has 60 years experience as a botanist and editor, was author of The Banksia Book (1984) and has written 15 books and 200 botany papers. He has also discovered and named many new species.

Kevin Collins has pursued his passion for Banksias for 35 years, developing Banksia Farm, Mount Barker in Western Australia and growing all known species. He now works as a consultant, lectures, and assists Banksia research projects.

Kathy Collins assisted with Banksia Farm, is a keen environmentalist, established a Landcare Group and is a joint fellowship recipient with Kevin, from Land and Water Australia.