Berlin Stories 1: Ama Split & Riky Kiwy: Hundekopf. Die Berliner Ringbahn


“Step up, please!” The best way to experience Berlin is to see it from the ring railway-and get out at every station| A photographic homage in transit

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Show me your pictures, and I’ll tell you where you were! The new series Berlin Stories presents visual essays about and from Berlin-the city of art, fashion, parties, and many nations. You’ll find all genres of photography here, from classic street photography to personal sketches to staged portrait series. In a handy pocket-sized format, we’re building a whole library of images of the capital, taken by the most prominent photographers working in the city today.It begins with a journey on the dog’s head-shaped railway encircling central Berlin. The French-Italian pair of photographers, Ama Split and Riky Kiwy, spent a good six weeks riding the S-Bahn clockwise from east to west to east. They stopped at all of the twenty-seven stations, where both would shoot a thirty-six exposure roll of film until the standard automated announcement recited “Zur├╝ckbleiben, bitte!” The idea was to find key aspects of the environment around each station-intuitive, playful, and poetic-whether it was the Treptower Park snack bar along the Spree, the idyllic community gardens next to the platforms near Heidelberger Platz, or a cheerful group of seniors drinking beer at the Halensee. Again and again, the yellow-red cars of the S-Bahn loom into view, finally assuming their own icon status.

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