Blek le Rat

Getting Through the Walls


A monograph on revered street artist Blek le Rat, whose work has influenced CD design, advertising and graphics, as well as many urban artists around the world

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Sybille Prou, King Adz


This book is a unique view inside the life and work of one of the most private, but also one of the most loved, most applauded and most influential figures in the vibrant world of street art. Blek le Rat is revered and acknowleged by the international street and graffiti community, and his work has influenced record and CD design, advertising and graphics, as well as the work of many street artists around the world.

From small, simple stencils to complex multimedia events, the distinctive and ground-breaking art of Blek le Rat is showcased here for the first time, demonstrating the fascinating development of his technique and creativity over two decades. Whether it’s his unique images of Lady Diana and kidnapped French journalist Florence Aubenas or his iconic silhouette of a rat, we see why ‘The Genius of Blek’ is hailed in King Adz’s film about this mysterious and elusive, yet deeply creative figure.

Blek le Rat offers stunning photography of over 300 of the artist’s work in situ. With an in-depth personal exploration of the method and meaning behind Blek’s stencils, as well as a taste of the evolution of urban art from New York, Paris, Barcelona and Buenos Aires to London, Taipei, Naples and Berlin, this book cannot fail to inspire street and urban enthusiasts and students alike.

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Weight 585 g
Dimensions 23.2 x 22 cm
Publisher name Thames and Hudson Ltd
Publication date 25 February 2008
Number of pages 128
Format Paperback / softback
Contributors Edited by Sybille Prou
Dimensions 23.2 x 22 cm
Weight 585 g


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King Adz (aka Adam N. Stone) is an internationally published author, screenwriter, and TED alumnus who specializes in creating original content for page and screen, as well as for brands. Adz is also partial to street food and has written widely about the relationship between food and culture. He has travelled extensively for the last 15 years, spending time with a whole bunch of creative and dynamic people all over the world.

Sybille Prou is married to Blek le Rat (aka King Adz) and is the author of three books on graffiti.