Blek le Rat


A detailed biography of Blek le Rat that traces the extension of his art to the works on paper and canvas now exhibited in art galleries throughout the world.

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Ken McGregor


Blek le Rat is known worldwide for the quirky ideas and radical politics he has brought to his art form – stencilled street art. His paintings are autobiographical, born of his personal experience, and his art has inspired the post-graffiti street artists who have followed. After stencilling provocative images in major cities throughout the world, he now lives in a small town outside of Paris and maintains his presence on the street by pasting up posters. He has worked on the walls of the biggest museums in the world and the streets of the cities in which we live for almost four decades and many art historians have acknowledged him as the leader of the stencilled street art movement. This copiously illustrated book, with hundreds of stencilled images reproduced in colour, traces Blek Le Rat’s entire career to date.

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Ken McGregor has made an extraordinary impression on the Australian art world over the years. He is the author and producer of more than 30 art-related publications, including John Olsen's last five books, and has led exhibitions around Asia, the US and the UK. He is credited for bringing to Australia three of the greatest international street artists: Blek le Rat (France), D*face (UK) and Swoon (USA).