Blinky Palermo

The Complete Editions / Die gesamten Editionen


The first definitive account of the editions of the celebrated German postwar abstractionist, from objects to lithographs

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Yilmaz Dziewior, Julia Friedrich, Susanne Küper, Fred Jahn


Beloved German abstractionist Blinky Palermo (1943-77) is famed for his large fabric and metal pictures as well as his objects and installations. Less well-known are the works he created in editions: screen prints and offset prints, lithographs, objects and a template for painting. In their entirety, these works not only reflect Palermo’s development from the 1960s to his early death in 1977, but also show how the artist deliberately expanded his work with the possibilities of technical reproduction.

Updating a long unavailable catalogue raisonné, this volume, with the artist’s work Flipper printed on the cover, collects Palermo’s complete editions, including his collaborations with Imi Knoebel and Gerhard Richter, along with detailed information and commentary on those editions by Palermo expert and gallerist, Fred Jahn. Also included is a solo exhibition timeline.

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Blinky Palermo (b. Germany, 1943), was an artist best known for his spare monochromatic canvases and "fabric paintings" made from simple lengths of coloured material cut, stitched and stretched over a frame. He painted on aluminium, steel, wood, paper and Formica, often making lines out of tape instead of paint. He adopted his outlandish name in 1964, during his studies at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf between 1962 and 1967. The name refers to Frank "Blinky" Palermo, an American Mafioso and boxing promoter who managed Sonny Liston. Yilmaz Dziewior is director of the Museum Ludwig. Julia Friedrich is a curator at Museum Ludwig. Susanne Küper is an art historian and curator. Fred Jahn was a gallerist and publisher.