Branded Protest

Branding as a Tool to Give Protest an Iconic Face


This book is not yet published, but will be available from November 2019.

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Ingeborg Bloem, Klaus Kempenaars


Many of the most successful and recognizable protest movements in the world make use of branding techniques, even when they simultaneously reject the general concepts of branding. Branded Protest dives into this antithesis. It researches the power of branding and the influence it has on current protest movements and gives iconic examples of unique branding-efforts that support protests. We are all exposed to branding: from a torn sheet of cardboard scrawled with handwriting to slick corporate advertising campaigns. Here, we take up the term branding to assess the visualization of iconic protest movements, and to identify the unique tools used to attract the general public and activate people to join in. Branding has become a means to unify a movement and to give protest a visual identity. For Branded Protest we spoke with organizers of protest movements around the world, to identify the particular techniques that help movements deliver a unique and clear message.

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Publication date 1 November 2019
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Dimensions 18 x 27 cm
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Ingeborg Bloem is a co-founder of xSITE with a studio in Amsterdam. She is a cross-media creative director and designer with broad experience in the development of brand and communication projects.
Klaus Kempenaars is a co-founder of xSITE with a studio in New York. Specializing in branding experiences, Kempenaars has collaborated with international companies with various scopes and focuses.