Bungalow Design


The amazing architectural varieties of combining the ingenious spatial solutions of apartment floor plans with the autonomy of detached single-family houses.


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Chris van Uffelen


Communicative living on a single level thanks to a wide variety of layouts, ingenious spatial solutions by playing with building structures, and the symbiosis of architecture and environment: The bungalow is the epitome of a self-determined life – and inspires builders and architects alike. The one or one-and-a-half-story type of detached single-family house today is resplendent with elegant monopitch roofs, flat-roof variants in the Bauhaus style, or classic gable-roof models.

The contemporary projects presented show the entire range of functional and design possibilities. Each one is unique and has been individually developed according to its location and the wishes of the residents. What all the bungalows presented have in common is their architectural quality and their high quality of living.

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Publication date 17 March 2022
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Dimensions 24.7 x 30.3 cm
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The core topic for Chris van Uffelen is the transfer of knowledge about design in all its manifestations. For more than twenty years the Dutch-German art historian has been publishing books as well as countless essays and articels on art, architecture, interior design and urban planning from antiquity to the present.