Call Me Nathan


A true coming-of-age story that explores transgender identity


ISBN: 9781914224010 Category:

Catherine Castro


“All I want is a proper body . . . ” Born as biologically female, Nathan spends his formative years facing questions without answers, social ostracism from his peers, and incomprehension from his family-because from as early as he can remember, he knows he has been born in the wrong body. But, as his family comes to recognize, a physical identity is harder to change than a piece of clothing or a haircut. So from the moment he is at last supplied with a professional term for his self-diagnosis-“gender dysphoria”-he is able to leave behind his complicated psychological history, the challenges of his self-harming, and his struggles with sexual identity, and begin the difficult process of claiming his true self. Based on a true story, at first hand, Call Me Nathan issues a moving call for understanding, a powerful denunciation of prejudice, and a celebration of everything it means to love.

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Weight 452 g
Dimensions 17.1 x 23.9 cm
Publisher name Self Made Hero
Publication date 17 June 2022
Number of pages 144
Format Paperback / softback
Contributors Illustrated by Quentin Zuttion
Dimensions 17.1 x 23.9 cm
Weight 452 g


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Catherine Castro is a reporter for Marie Claire. The author of several books, her investigations have led her to explore gender issues around the world. Quentin Zuttion is a widely published illustrator and artist who cites Brecht Evens, Julie Maroh, and Egon Schiele among the influences on the airily physical style of his work.