Charles Darwin’s Around-the-World Adventure



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Jennifer Thermes


In 1831, Charles Darwin embarked on his first voyage. Though he was a scientist by profession, he was an explorer at heart. While journeying around South America for the first time aboard a ninety-foot-long ship named the Beagle, Charles collected insets, dug up bones, galloped with gauchos, encountered volcanoes and earthquakes, and even ate armadillo for breakfast! The discoveries he made during this adventure would later inspire ideas that changed how we see the world.

Complete with mesmerizing map work that charts Darwin’s thrilling five-year voyage, as well as “Fun Facts” and more, Charles Darwin’s Around-the-World Adventure captures the beauty and mystery of nature with wide-eyed wonder.

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Weight 542 g
Dimensions 23.7 x 28.8 cm
Publisher name ABRAMS
Publication date 1 August 2016
Number of pages 48
Format Hardback
Dimensions 23.7 x 28.8 cm
Weight 542 g


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Jennifer Thermes is a children's book author/illustrator and map illustrator. When not making art, she loves to read and work in her garden. She lives with her family, two cats, one dog, and an assortment of uninvited mice in an 18th-century farmhouse in Connecticut.