Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species


Darwin’s theory of evolution written in an accessible format and richly illustrated throughout for children aged 7+

This book is not yet published, but will be available from February 2021.

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Anna Brett


Darwin’s theory of evolution written in an accessible format and richly illustrated throughout for children aged 7+.

Part of the non-fiction series Words that Changed the World, this book is an accessible guide to the theory of evolution, presented in an attractive format with beautiful illustrations throughout.
Written by Anna Brett and richly illustrated by Nick Hayes, it lets the young reader discover how Darwin changed our understanding of the human race – and our place within the animal kingdom – with his ground-breaking work, On the Origin of Species. Divided into short yet comprehensive chapters, children will be able to learn about one of the most significant theories of mankind and discern the ideas – as well as their consequences – of one of the most influential scientists in the world.

The book includes a glossary of key terms and concepts and is an invaluable companion for the understanding of Darwin’s theory, perfect for both the home setting and the school environment. It’s suitable for kids aged 7+ and is a must-have for anyone who wants to learn and explore the notions of one of human history’s most remarkable people.

It charts Darwin’s life-changing voyage on the Beagle and introduces his theory of evolution to apprentice naturalists everywhere.

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Weight 300 g
Dimensions 27.5 x 37 cm
Publisher name Laurence King Publishing Ltd
Publication date 11 February 2021
Number of pages 64
Format Hardback
Contributors Illustrated by Nick Hayes
Dimensions 27.5 x 37 cm
Weight 300 g

Anna Brett has worked in children’s publishing for more than eight years. She’s written and edited a huge variety of books, ranging from curriculum-based reference works to popular culture and books with digital extras, pop-ups and stickers.

Nick Hayes works as both an author and illustrator, and can convey an incredible amount of emotional context with a few very expressive images. Quiet and spare or bold and busy, all of his work comes across as thoughtful and sensitive. Nick specialises in providing lino prints, conceptual work and traditional illustrations for the children’s publishing, newspaper and magazine industries.