China: The New Creative Power in Architecture


About the most important and interesting contemporary architects from China and their projects at home and abroad.


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Chris van Uffelen


The building culture of China is currently one of the most innovative and most adventurous in the world because of the bold ways architects approach materials and genres as well as forms and functions. At the same time, it offers the opportunity to implement the most daring designs in the shortest possible time, as both the expertise and the necessary manpower are available. While technology and tradition play an important role, so do sustainability and ecological concepts aiming at achieving a harmonious interplay between the respective building and its surroundings.

This volume features a wide range of typologies, styles, and locations that have one thing in common – their architects come from China and make the world stop and take notice of their work. The author presents the most important and interesting contemporary offices and designers and their most significant projects at home and abroad.

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Publication date 14 February 2022
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Dimensions 21.7 x 27.9 cm
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The core topic for Chris van Uffelen is the transfer of knowledge about design in all its manifestations. For more than twenty years the Dutch-German art historian has been publishing books as well as countless essays and articels on art, architecture, interior design and urban planning from antiquity to the present.