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The wide and articulated exhibition project, which placed the theme of “light” as a symbolic, meta-physical, artistic archetype at the center of the investigation, gave rise to a new reflection on the works of Christian Boltanski and placed them in dialogue with the works of Shay Frisch resulting in an exhibition itinerary that winds on the noble floor of the Palace. A project that unfolds on different lines, parallel but autonomous, which analyzes the same relationship from several angles, linked to the aesthetic experience but also to the languages of the contemporary. It is a direct dialogue between Christian Boltanski’s luminous non-light charged with mnemonic values, which become shadows, ghosts, strong symbols and Shay Frisch’s electrical fields with their energetic charge, the evocative forms and the conceptual declinations deriving from his archetypal language. Light as pure energy, a unique stream of memory that receives meanings from darkness. While Boltanski amplifies the emblematic value of objects in his reflection, Frisch bends the iconography by drawing a new meaning from it. The decorative element becomes, for both artists, useless, amorphous, to be rewritten.

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