Cold Instinct



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Matthijs Kuijpers


A photographic book of herpetofauna to discover the astonishing world of reptiles and amphibians.

Cold Instinct is the first book released by the world renowned amphibian and reptile photographer, Matthijs Kuijpers. This publication is a photographic book of unparalleled quality featuring a vast range of cold blooded species from the depths of the world’s most intrepid jungles to the driest of deserts. Some of the species featured are exceedingly rare or have not yet been discovered and catalogued. Through Matthijs’ enigmatic photographs, you will witness the savage and breathtaking beauty of these creatures.

This book is an unparalleled collection of some of the most peculiar species that has ever crawled or slithered on Earth; some of which are carefully dwelling in the most hidden crevices of the Planet! Fierce but fragile, this book allows you to see these animals in their true form: explore the shocking diversity of our collection of geckoes, snakes, iguanas and lizards, through more than 70 captivating portraits.

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Weight 1456 g
Dimensions 25.1 x 30.9 cm
Publisher name Skira Editore S.p.A
Publication date 15 September 2020
Number of pages
Format Hardback
Dimensions 25.1 x 30.9 cm
Weight 1456 g


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Matthijs Kuijpers is a Dutch passionate herper; he has traveled the world through ice capped mountains and arid deserts to capture the rarest and most endangered reptiles and amphibians, from the rain forests of Cameroon to the Dragon Island of Komodo. He is an award-winning photographer who has been featured on National Geographic, BBC Wildlife Magazine, Netflix, TheGuardian, Time Magazine and Discovery Channel, just to name a few of his appearances.