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An indispensable practical guide for anyone looking to start their own photography collection

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Jocelyn Phillips


Where does one begin when assembling a collection of contemporary photography? How can one identify prints of lasting appeal? From discovering photographers to determining editions and displaying prints, Collect Contemporary Photography accompanies collectors through the whole process of acquiring photographic works. It also provides guidance on practical matters, including information about different photographic techniques.

Forty photographers to consider when collecting are profiled in detail, with information about their background and training, and sources of inspiration. The selection is truly international, covering the United States, Germany, Turkey, China, Japan, the United Kingdom and beyond. Photography lovers and collectors will feel inspired by the diversity and creativity of the artists. Among the featured names are Gregory Crewdson with his well-known Twilight scenes, Denis Darzacq with his freeze-frame photographs of Paris youths, Julia Fullerton-Batten with her images of teenage girls, Youssef Nabil with his hand-coloured star portraits and Izima Kaoru with his fictional death scenes.

Photography today occupies a central space in our visual culture. The individual photograph exists as both image and physical object, and often the same image may be printed in different versions or media, which makes collecting decisions more complex. The featured photographers work in a range of different styles, some also applying collage techniques, painting and digital manipulation.

Collect Contemporary Photography will empower any budding collecter to make informed choices and so begin building a collection of enduring relevance and value.

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Jocelyn Phillips has been the contemporary photography specialist at Sotheby's London and other auction houses.

Malcolm Cossons is an art writer and editor. He has written articles for numerous publications and edited two guides on collecting Collect Contemporary Photography and Collect Contemporary Jewelry. He is also the author of a children's book Dot to Dot.