Harness Your Emotions to Enhance Your Creativity



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Paulina Larocca, Tony Ibbotson


We are happier when we are more creative but are we more creative when we are happy? The long-standing view in psychology is that positive emotions are conducive to creativity. When we are feeling up, we feel we are more resourceful, but what if we are measuring the wrong thing? New studies have shown it is not the type of emotions, but the intensity with which we experience them that is the real driver of our creativity. Nor is our emotional palette limited to “good” feelings. All of our emotions offer creative gifts provided we experience them with depth and understanding. How to cultivate your creativity to live a more emotionally rewarding life Drawing on insights from neuroscience and psychology, Connecting explores seven paradoxical aspects of our emotional experiences that fuel our creativity. This is brought to life through a visually rich immersion that by simply reading it, you will be connecting to your creativity to live a deeper, more meaningful life.

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Publication date 1 June 2019
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Paulina Larocca published BIS author of Creativity+. She is a teacher of creative problem solving and has a Master of Science in Creativity.

Tony Ibbotson is Creative Director and the founder of The Creative Method design agency established in 2005 and is now recognised as one of Sydney’s best design agencies.