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| De-Financialise the Environment


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Offsetted traces the emergence of the valuation of nature. The book by the artist duo Cooking Sections unpacks forms of dispossession that are becoming more common through the protection⁠ – not only destruction⁠ – of natural environments. Through a series of artistic and architectural interventions, Offsetted ties into current struggles for climate justice worldwide, contesting neoliberalism as a saviour of its own ecological contradictions. It challenges conservation models based on ‘natural capital,’ while proposing new spatial tactics to de-financialise the environment. Besides a photographic documentary and the works by Cooking Sections, the book assembles numerous contributions by interdisciplinary artists and scientists.

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Weight 614 g
Dimensions 20.1 x 28 cm
Publisher name Hatje Cantz Verlag
Publication date 23 June 2022
Number of pages 176
Format Paperback / softback
Contributors Contributions by Nico Alexandroff, Penny Allan, Adeniyi Asinyabi, Martin Bryant, Matthew Darmour-Paul, Kristen Lyons, Mari Margil, Hanna Rullman, Isabel Sandeman, Huhana Smith, and Pablo Solón
Dimensions 20.1 x 28 cm
Weight 614 g


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COOKING SECTIONS was established in London in 2013 by Daniel Fernández Pascual and Alon Schwabe. Their practice explores the overlapping boundaries between art, architecture, ecology and geopolitics. They are currently nominated for the 2021 Turner Prize.