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Creativity+ is both a book and a toolkit. Divided into 4 phases (Visioning, Discovery, Ideation and Momentum). Encourages readers to dream big and go for it as it could lead to a much more fulfilling career and life.


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Paulina Larocca


Creativity+ is designed to be interactive and as creative as its premise. It is a book, toolkit and a philosophy that teaches you how to infuse creative thinking into all aspects of your life, supported by practical tools to bring your ideas to fruition. It is divided into the four phases of innovation: Vision, Discovery, Ideation and Momentum. In each phase, the reader is provided with the Mindset (attitudes), Skillset (knowledge), Toolset (techniques) and a supporting Case Study that gives a real-life example of these skills in action.

The book is divided into the four phases of innovation, each of them colour-coded and distinct with a unique symbol, making the toolkit easy to navigate through.

Each phase is supported by the relevant Mindset, Toolset, Skillset and illustrative Case Study, which all have their own symbol as well, so the reader always knows where they are and can quickly find the relevant information when using the flip-board format.

At the end of each of the four phases, there are blank pages for taking notes, making this book a living tool.

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Publication date 5 July 2018
Number of pages 60
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Dimensions 19.8 x 9.7 cm
Weight 355 g
Paulina Larocca is a leading creativity and innovation expert with over 15 years' experience delivering innovation for multi-national corporations and a keynote speaker on innovation, creativity, creative leadership and creating a more innovative culture. She has an MSc Creativity and Change Leadership from Buffalo State University and is a graduate of THNK Creative Leadership School in Amsterdam, which focuses on the intersection between creativity, innovation and leadership, as applied to social change.