Crisfor (Bilingual edition)

Capricci - She was European



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Hellmut Butterweck, Robert Pfaller, Andreas Spiegl, Angela Stief


The capriccio is a traditional type of print devoted to the playfully grotesque. It plays only a subordinate role in realism, yet, despite or perhaps because of it, it contains much truth about the condition humaine. The artist Crisfor translates this genre into the medium of photography. By double exposing the film, she discovers enchanting pictorial constellations that give each other meaning, while also critiquing and caricaturing each other. Handwritten texts add to the heterogeneity of the images. These, however, do not create new uniformities; rather, in their unintelligibility, they take the sophisticated game behind this vibrant dialectic to even further extremes. It provides a great deal of aesthetic fun, but, at the same time, an intelligent view of the world in which we live.

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Publication date 15 January 2021
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Dimensions 30 x 29.7 cm
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CRISFOR studied painting at the Akademie der bildenden Künste in Vienna. Around the turn of this century she switched to the medium of photography. Both her paintings and her photographic works have been awarded the Theodor Körner Prize, and her work can be found in renowned exhibitions and collections.