Daniel Lergon

Unter Grün


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Peter Lodermeyer


Daniel Lergon features works from the years 2015 to 2018 in his book Unter Grün. All were painted with the same kind of pigment known as phthalocyanine green C in oil. Sometimes appearing against a white ground, and other times, against a neon yellow ground, the pigment comes in a wide spectrum of tones, from a strange, bright, bilious green to a velvety black. These can be seen in Unter Grün, thanks to the artist’s practice of applying paint in diff erent densities, which reveals the multiple possibilities of this green. Each of the “undergrounds” has a strong, very diff erent infl uence upon the ambiguity that oscillates between painterly gesture and fragmentary fi guration. An edition by Daniel Lergon in the form of eight original works on paper is being released along with Unter Grün. Like the works in the catalogue, these works on paper are done only in phthalocyanine green paint, either on a white or on a neon yellow background.

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