Dennis Oppenheim

Body Performance 1969 -73


A comprehensive view of Dennis Oppenheim’s radical art practices of this explosive five-year period.


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Nick Kaye, Amy van Winkle Oppenheim


Dennis Oppenheim was a pioneer in the fields of earthworks, conceptual art, body art, and performance. This monograph follows the studio practice, public performance works, and gallery and museum shows that took place between 1969-1973 in which documentation of conceptual performance works in slide, film, video, and photographic form exhibited alone or as a component of installation. A special emphasis will be how works such as Arm and Wire, 1969; Reading Position for Second Degree Burn, 1970; and Wishing Well, 1973, are realized through diverse mediums and modes of work in which the idea and act of time-based performance is central.

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