Der Schatten der Avantgarde (German Edition)

Rousseau und die vergessenen Meister


Full of magic, intense, and radical-the most important autodidacts of the twentieth century

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Kasper König


Difficult to categorize and branded as “naïve”-art history had and still has a hard time with works by the great autodidacts: artists such as Henri Rousseau, André Bauchant, Morris Hirshfield, Bill Traylor, Alfred Wallis, or Séraphine Louis are far too often isolated in the light of an exotic primitivism, so to speak. Instead, the publication and the exhibition at the Museum Folkwang, since its founding the first museum worldwide devoted to modern art, surround their energy-laden works with key works from the modern era. It is not by chance that many of the autodidacts fascinated the established artists of today with their paintings and sculptures, and often sponsored them. From this perspective, even contemporaries such as Miroslav Tichý make a contribution to the development of art and are no longer merely its antagonists.Ausstellung/Exhibition: Museum Folkwang, Essen 2.10.2015-10.1.2016

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Contributors Edited by Kasper König, Text by Daniel Baumann, Tobia Bezzola, Laszlo Glozer, Robert Jones, Veit Loers, Katharina Neuburger, Maria Anna Potocka, Nina Schallenberg, Barbara Schellewald, Mechal Sobel, Robert Storr, Manja Wilkens, and Falk Wolf
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