Die 5 Leben der Hilma af Klint (German edition)


Life as a Graphic Novel

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A moving biography – told in vivid pictures. In five chapters, Philipp Deines traces stages in the life of the now world-famous Swedish painter Hilma af Klint. The personal and artistic development of this pioneer of abstraction is illuminated here. In this book, readers discover how the artist worked, lived, and loved, and what influenced her: from the great scientific upheavals to family history, anthroposophy, and spiritualist séances. In the depiction of her spiritual experiences, Deines’ visual language is influenced by Klint’s fantastic pictorial worlds. Julia Voss, author of the first comprehensive biography of the artist in 2020, was closely involved in the creation of this graphic novel. Biography, art history, and contemporary narrative style merge and complement each other in these magnificent visual worlds.

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Publisher name Hatje Cantz Verlag
Publication date 26 May 2022
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Dimensions 21 x 29 cm
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The rediscovery of HILMA AF KLINT (1862-1944) is considered one of the greatest sensations in art in recent years. Her work has been celebrated in international exhibitions, and since then she has finally received due appreciation as a pioneer of abstraction.

PHILIPP DEINES (*1980) is an illustrator and artist. He has run an art offspace, creates posters for techno clubs, designs fashion, and exhibits his work in an art context. In 2021, he temporarily moved his studio to the Berlin auction house Grisebach. This is his first graphic novel.