Draw Like an Egyptian



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Claire Thorne


The art of ancient Egypt is instantly recognisable and deeply appealing to children and adults of all ages. This attractive book shows that anyone can draw animals, people and places in the style of ancient Egyptian artists. Clear, easy-to-follow sketches show how to build up a drawing from simple basic shapes, and how to add colour and detail to create an accomplished final image. Photographs of real Egyptian artefacts give reference for authentic Egyptian colours and composition. Children can discover, by doing it for themselves, the rules that created the particular Egyptian ‘look’ and recreate it in their own individual designs and drawings. They can put different elements together to create their own Egyptian-inspired scenes. A must-have for anyone who has ever admired Egyptian art and wanted to pick up a pencil for themselves. Suitable for anyone from complete beginners to budding artists.

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Weight 274 g
Dimensions 25.7 x 24.3 cm
Publisher name The British Museum Press
Publication date 28 June 2007
Number of pages 48
Format Paperback / softback
Dimensions 25.7 x 24.3 cm
Weight 274 g


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