Erieta Attali

Periphery / Archaeology of Light


When architecture and landscape melt together: the new photo book by the Israeli photographer


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Erieta Attali (*1966, Tel Aviv) has devoted two decades to exploring the relationship between architecture and the landscape at the edges of the world. Attali’s photography interrogates how extreme conditions and demanding terrains provoke humankind to re-orient and center itself through architectural responses. Her unrelenting and highly physical expedition has seen her traverse four continents, working in isolated and remote terrains from Iceland to the Indian Ocean. In Periphery | Archaeology of Light, Attali references the essence of ancient Greek cartology in which the edges of maps represented the outer limits of the known world. Attali’s poetic and metaphorical photographs, in which architecture is depicted as a natural feature, inseparable from its context, present visual maps of temporal and spatial transformations at the outposts of human existence. The photographic journey is accompanied by textual contributions from different fields: archaeology, architecture, and history of art, speaking to the idea of a geographical periphery.

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Weight 1574 g
Dimensions 28.1 x 34.8 cm
Publisher name Hatje Cantz Verlag
Publication date 30 January 2019
Number of pages
Format Hardback
Contributors Edited by Erieta Attali and Martyn Hook
Dimensions 28.1 x 34.8 cm
Weight 1574 g


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