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Valerie Steele


Founded in 1969 by the Fashion Institute of Technology, The Museum at FIT is a specialized fashion museum famous for its innovative and award-winning exhibitions. The museum has been the site of more than 200 exhibitions since the 1970s, and Exhibitionism commemorates approximately 33 of the most influential of these, including Fashion and Surrealism (1987), a groundbreaking show that explored the relationship between art and fashion; The Corset (2000), a beautiful and brilliant exploration of the most controversial garment in fashion history; and Fairy Tale Fashion (2016), a magical look at the such enchanted and emblematic items as the glass slipper and the red riding hood.

Exhibitionism also includes highlights from more recent, award-winning exhibitions, such as A Queer History of Fashion: From the Closet to the Catwalk (2013) and Black Fashion Designers (2017). Each exhibition included in the book are illustrated using installation photos, images of individual garments, and texts that explain the importance of the exhibition and the objects it featured. The authors provide an engaging, “behind the scenes” look at the process of exhibition making.

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Valerie Steele, one of the foremost fashion historians and curators, is the director and chief curator of MFIT since 2003. Authors: Patricia Mears (deputy director); Tanya Meléndez-Escalante (senior curator of education); Colleen Hill (curator of costume and accessories); Melissa Marra (associate curator of education); Emma McClendon (associate curator of costume); Elizabeth Way (assistant curator of costume); Michelle McVicker (collections and education assistant); Kimberly Ackert (founder of Ackert Architects, responsible for exhibition design.