Female Nude



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Flaminio Gualdoni


The theme of the female nude has always exercised a particular fascination on artists and viewers alike, and the representation of the female body has inspired some of the finest works in art history. One of the most challenging and stimulating subjects in the entire artistic tradition, the female nude did not lose its allure even in the period in which art began to move in a different direction to that of the imitation of reality. In fact it showed an unexpected versatility and an undimmed power of suggestion even at the moments of greatest conflict with any traditional hypothesis of figuration, as at the time when nonrepresentational art reigned supreme. This volume, which aims to offer a fascinating visual survey of the nude, features nearly 50 paintings and sculptures-often celebrated masterpieces-spanning from classic to contemporary art.

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Publication date 26 September 2008
Number of pages 96
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Dimensions 13.7 x 17 cm
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