Ferris Bueller: Catharsis


This book is not yet published, but will be available from December 2021.

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Ferris Bueller


In 2017 Rodney “Ferris Bueller” Bailey documented the contents of his old room in his parents’ house in Queens, NY – full of ephemera collected while growing up in the late eighties and nineties, and largely untouched since. The result of this cathartic process of sorting and recording is this book: part visual autobiography, part time capsule. “My bedroom … was my sanctuary because it contained all the things that defined me,” recalls Bueller, and his mementos include magazines, posters, photos, collages, T-shirts, concert tickets, a Walkman. His extensive collection of sneakers dominates the book, triggers vivid personal memories (expressed in texts throughout the image sequence), and makes palpable a past where the X-Files, Nirvana and Anna Nicole Smith were still current news. Catharsis is both a chronicle of Bueller’s sometimes difficult youth and a “record of life before the Internet or social media, before everyone knew what everyone else was doing all the time. […] The only things that would connect you were clothes, sneakers and music.”

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Weight 300 g
Dimensions 22.8 x 30.5 cm
Publisher name Steidl
Publication date 31 December 2021
Number of pages 176
Format Hardback
Dimensions 22.8 x 30.5 cm
Weight 300 g


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