Fibonacci’s Rabbits

And 49 Other Breakthroughs that Revolutionised Mathematics


Discover the fascinating history behind some of math’s greatest discoveries.

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Adam Hart-Davis


The word mathematics comes from the Greek word mathema, meaning knowledge or learning. And indeed, mathematics is at the heart of almost all processes and patterns that occur in the modern world, yet many still find the discipline hard to fathom. Fibonacci’s Rabbits solves this problem in bite-sized hops, describing the 50 most critical discoveries and revolutionary moments in the history of mathematics from Ancient Greece to the present day.

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Dimensions 21 x 15.5 cm
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Originally trained as a chemist at the universities of Oxford, York, and Alberta, Adam Hart-Davis is a freelan ce writer and broadcaster - former presenter on television of Local Heroes, Tomorrow's World, What the Romans (and others) Did for Us, How London was Built, The Cosmos -a beginner's guide, and many others. He has collected various awards for both television and radio, as well as four medals and 14 honorary doctorates.

He has edited several books, and written about 30, including Stringlopedia, Science - the definitive visual guide, The Book of Time, Engineers, and The Science Book. He has written numerous newspaper and magazine articles, and a regular column in the Radio Times.

A member of the Associ ation of Pole-Lathe Turners and the British Toilet Association, Adam is a keen supporter of the charities WaterAid, Practical Action, Sustrans, and the Joliba Trust. He has various bicycles, which he rides slowly but with enthusiasm.