Fiction & Fabrication

Photography of Architecture after the Digital Turn



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How do digital photography and Photoshop influence the representation of architecture? “Fiction & Fabrication” assembles fascinating contemporary photographic works from all over the world. From fictional constructions to real buildings which sometimes seem more fantastic than fiction, the works show an impressive portrait of contemporary architecture and the urban landscape that surrounds us.

An exciting change is currently taking place in architecture photography: apparently neutral, realistic illustrations are giving way to the creation of an individual reality. New techniques permit unusual angles and perspectives, and digital processing allows for the manipulation of reality. Fine artists have long discovered the formal language of architecture as a subject. By means of a wide range of contemporary artworks this volume shows the visual bandwidth which architecture photography demonstrates in our post-digital age.

With works by: Doug Aitken, Thomas Demand, Filip Dujardin, Roland Fischer, Andreas Gursky, Edgar Martins, Erwin Olaf, Hans Op de Beeck, Bas Princen, Thomas Ruff, Philipp Schaerer, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Wolfgang Tillmans, Jeff Wall and many more.

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Dimensions 23.3 x 27.4 cm
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