Floris Neusüss (German Edition)

TraumbilderFotografien 1958 bis 1983


A comprehensive overview of photographs produced between 1958 and 1983

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Since the fifties, Floris Neusüss (*1937 in Remscheid) has been investigating photography’s ability to show more than just reality. His body of work unites a sensibility for Surrealist visual concepts with a scientific curiosity about the fundamentals of the medium. The artist combines a poetic view of the world with a clear, analytical perspective. Neusüss is primarily known for his artistic and historical exploration of the photogram. This is the first comprehensive overview of Neusüss’s photographic oeuvre, from his so-called dream pictures, which suspend the laws of physical reality through photographic means, to the later conceptual works and photographic actions dealing with technology and history as well as with the photographic mythos. It furthermore includes all of the portraits from VIPs der documenta 5-a who’s who of the international art scene in the seventies. Exhibition schedule: Münchner Stadtmuseum, Sammlung Fotografie, June 22-October 14, 2012

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