Franco Viola: Towards the Indefinite / Verso l’Indefinito (bilingual)



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Elena Pontiggia, Francesco Poli, Roger M. Buergel, Viktor Misiano


Franco Viola paints landscapes based on sketches he produces during tours in the mountains and along the coast near his hometown. During the painting process in the studio, the sketches are enriched and supplemented by his memories of things he has personally perceived or of paintings from the treasure trove of art history. This book deals less with the resulting works as such and more with the everyday life of a contemporary painter in today’s Italy, taking Viola as an example. What exactly does it mean to go to the studio every day and stand in front of a canvas? What is the relationship between contemporary life and what becomes visible as color and form on the canvas? On a journey through the artist’s world, readers are invited to pursue these and other questions while immersing themselves in Viola’s intensely colorful paintings.

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Publication date 10 April 2020
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Dimensions 24.6 x 29.1 cm
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FRANCO VIOLA (*1953 Gaeta) graduated from the University of Rome in 1977 with a degree in electrical engineering and worked for a long time in research on spatial theory before devoting himself entirely to art in the mid-1990s.