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Bertrand Auboyneau, François Simon


An homage to the classic French bistro featuring over fifty-five recipes from the Paul Bert in Paris and a dozen of the best bistros in the French capital.

The French bistro provides an irresistible dining experience, combining fresh, traditional dishes with a friendly atmosphere. With its checkered tablecloths, chalkboard menus brandishing the plats du jour, emblematic wooden chairs, and an endless supply of crusty baguettes, the gastronomic bistro has firmly established itself as a culinary institution.

Bertrand Auboyneau, owner of the Paul Bert in Paris, offers a seasonal selection of over fifty-five hearty recipes. Starters include Country Pâté with Pickled Chanterelles and Anchovy Fillets with Marinated Red Bell Peppers. An extensive selection of main courses ranges from Milk-Fed Lamb and Baby Vegetable Pot Roast; Fattened Hen in Jura Vin Jaune and Homemade Mashed Potatoes; and Duck Breast with Morello Cherries and Roasted Baby Potatoes; to Entrecôte with Béarnaise Sauce and French Fries. After a whiff of a dazzling cheese tray, if you still have room for dessert, you can indulge in an assortment of delicious classics, such as the Paul Bert’s signature Paris-Brest, praline cream in a crisp choux pastry ring; Tarte Tatin; a heavenly Chocolate Soufflé; or a glistening Rum Baba, brimming with vanilla-scented Chantilly cream.

To accompany the recipes, revered food critic François Simon outlines ten essentials for a true bistro, such as the importance of an inspirational owner, a highly experienced chef, impeccable servers, and the art of creating an authentic decor, dense with the wafting aromas of good food and wine. Photographs feature both recipes and the lively spirit of a dozen Parisian bistros.

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Bertrand Auboyneau is the owner of the renowned Paul Bert in Paris, and has successfully established his bistro as a benchmark within this category.

François Simon is a revered food critic for Le Figaro. He makes frequent appearances on French television and also has his own restaurant review show, but-in order to protect his anonymity-he never reveals his face.

Christian Sarramon is a distinguished lifestyle photographer whose work has been featured in many Flammarion books.