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Painter of the Soul



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Universally known as the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2000, Gao Xingjian is also an artist whose work is exhibited all over the world.

Born in China in 1940, Gao Xingjian was introduced to the arts as a boy by his mother who was an actress. He worked as a translator while painting and writing, becoming well-known in Beijing for his avant-garde plays. During the Cultural Revolution, he was sent to a re-education camp for the radical views expressed in his theatre. After the events of Tiananmen Square, he left China for France. Today he lives in Paris and works as a painter, critic, playwright and opera librettist.

This stunning book showcases for the first time two decades of Gao Xingjian’s Ĺ“uvre. In his brilliant and instructive text, Daniel Bergez demonstrates how Chinese Daoism, the Chinese literati painting tradition, Western minimalism and Modernism find echoes in Gao Xingjian’s masterful ink-wash paintings. Drawing from Soul Mountain and interviews with the artist, Bergez offers telling insights into these stunning enigmatic paintings, guiding viewers to form their own interpretation of the works.

His best-selling novels are Soul Mountain (1995) and One Man’s Bible (2000). Aesthetics and Creation, his main work on art and literary creativity, was published in English in 2012.

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Weight 2286 g
Dimensions 26.8 x 31.4 cm
Publisher name Asia Ink Books
Publication date 1 January 2014
Number of pages 264
Format Hardback
Contributors Text by Daniel Bergez and Sherry Buchanan
Dimensions 26.8 x 31.4 cm
Weight 2286 g


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