Gerhard Richter. Bibliographie (German edition)

Kataloge · Künstlerbücher · Monographien · 1962 – 2020


Bibliophilic: Artist Books and Surveys of Works

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Gerhard Richter Archive, Dr Dietmar Elger, Heinrich Miess, Gunnar Schmidt


In a longstanding cooperation with the Gerhard Richter Archive, Dresden, Heinrich Miess has compiled this comprehensive and fully illustrated index of all monothematic publications by Gerhard Richter himself and on his work.

In this book of books, the individual works are presented in chronological order and are accompanied by precise descriptions and commentaries. In addition to the title pages, exemplary double pages have been selected to document the development of Gerhard Richter’s artistic work in synoptic form.

For this book overview, disturbing details-such as shadows of book blocks or in the centerfold, and yellowed paper edges-have been carefully retouched. The result is a clear and uniform overall picture of Richter’s body of work. The technical care taken in this publication is a congenial response to the complexity of the content of the various publications and their references to one another.

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GERHARD RICHTER (*1932) grew up in Dresden and attended the art academy there. After escaping from the GDR, he attended the Düsseldorf Art Academy, where he held a professorship in painting from 1971 to 1993. He lives and works in Cologne.