Gerhard Richter



Attention-getting re-evaluations of a genre: the landscapes by the most important painter of the present day | Large catalogue, edited and annotated by Dietmar Elger, Director of the Gerhard Richter Archive in Dresden

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Gerhard Richter (*1932 in Dresden) has always dealt with the landscape. No other motif has fascinated him as much or kept him so occupied over the years: black-and-white landscapes based on images from magazines and amateur photos; views of mountains and parks painted in thick impasto; softly hued, transparent, illusionist lake scenes. Ever since the subtle Corsica paintings of 1968/69, landscapes have become an established, distinct group of works within the artist’s oeuvre. Richter captures reality in a painterly way, such that landscape and abstraction manifest not as opposites but as related concepts. Containing outstanding illustrations and insightful texts, this volume examines Richter’s landscapes from the early sixties to the present. (German edition ISBN 978-3-7757-2638-2)

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Contributors Text by Oskar B├Ątschmann, Hubertus Butin, and Dietmar Elger
Dimensions 26.5 x 31.3 cm
Weight 1388 g