Graphic Design Play Book

An Exploration of Visual Thinking



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Sophie Cure, Aurelien Farina


An entertaining and highly original introduction to graphic design, this beautifully designed book uses puzzles and visual challenges to demonstrate how typography, signage, posters and branding work.

Through a series of games and activities, including spot the difference, matching games, drawing and dot-to-dot, readers are introduced to concepts and techniques in an engaging and interactive way. Further explanation and information is provided by solution pages and a glossary, and a loose-leaf section contains stickers, die-cut templates, and coloured paper to help readers complete the activities.

Illustrated with typefaces, posters and pictograms by distinguished designers including Otl Aicher, Pierre Di Sciullo, Otto Neurath and Gerd Arntz, the book will be enjoyed both by graphic designers, and anyone interested in finding out more about visual communication.

Additional information

Weight 320 g
Dimensions 17 x 24.4 cm
Publisher name Laurence King Publishing Ltd
Publication date 1 May 2020
Number of pages 80
Format Paperback / softback
Dimensions 17 x 24.4 cm
Weight 320 g

Aurélien Farina is a French–Swiss graphic designer based in Paris. He founded Paper! Tiger! studio in 2011, specializing in editorial and print design.

Sophie Cure is a graphic designer based in Paris. She has run her own studio since 2012, focusing on visual identities, editorial design and educational tools.