Greg Gorman: In Their Youth (Limited Edition)


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Greg Gorman


This Collector’s Edition includes the book In Their Youth, and this print signed and numbered by Greg Gorman: Christopher Atkins, 1982, Archival Pigment ink on Exhibition Fiber Paper, 37.1 x 22 cm. This photograph has been printed in 2010 in a limited edition of 60 copies and is housed in a linen cloth box; each is signed by Greg Gorman and Christopher Atkins.

In his forty year career, Greg Gorman has seen miles of red carpet pass before his lens with a fine assortment of stars, from Al Pacino to Raquel Welch and on to Sharon Stone and John Travolta, just to name some of them. His unmistakable black and white, together with an equally rare capacity of introspection, has led to such virtuosity of style as to elicit from Richard Gere: “Greg Gorman is to the camera what Eric Clapton is to the guitar: sure and true”.

Away from the spotlights for a moment Gorman has culled from his archives and put together a collection of more than 200 portraits of young men, many of whom became famous. An album that reveals the evergreen fascination of youth, when time has yet to obfuscate ingenuousness, melancholic gentleness and, above all, the beauty that characterises life’s ├óge d’or. The photographer writes in the introduction: “My photographs have often captured the sensuality that goes hand in hand with vulnerability. When the subject has an unawareness of the camera, he reveals an inward truth, that maybe he doesn’t even realize is coming forth in the pictures”.

From Tom Cruise to Kevin Costner, from Leonardo di Caprio to Brad Pitt and on to Patrick Dempsey, Charlie Sexton, Rupert Everett, Johnny Depp and many others, In their Youth is a manifesto of the agonising, sensual and “Wildean” promise of beauty.

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Publication date 1 November 2011
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Dimensions 41 x 51.4 cm
Weight 4250 g


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Greg Gorman discovered his calling after taking a borrowed camera to a Jimi Hendrix concert in 1968. In 1990, after producing images for over 20 years, he published his first book, Greg Gorman Volume One, which reveals his skills as a portraitist. Gorman has created innumerable unforgettable images (for instance, a 2000 portrait of Jeff Koons shows the artist perched on a filthy toilet, flanked by two leather-clad ladies). His work has been featured in ad campaigns and has been featured on the covers of a number of magazines, including Esquire, GQ, Interview, Vogue, Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair.